About St Nicholas Hospital Salisbury

St Nicholas Hospital provides a safe, independent living to those in need within a Christian framework under the management of the resident Master, an ordained priest of the Church of England. The Hospital is a registered charity No. 214916 ( Charity Commission ) There are six Trustees of which the Master is one.

Applications for Admittance
There are 23 self-contained mostly single-bedroom apartments set in small blocks. Application for admittance must be made in writing in the first instance to the Master. Members of the Community are expected to attend a daily Chapel service as a condition of residence. The service is either a Eucharist or a simple service from the Book of Common Prayer.

The criteria and procedure for consideration for entry is as follows:-

Our acceptance process begins with an informal meeting with the Master, upon which, given mutal satisfaction, we invite an application for admission. References are taken up and a formal interview is conducted by the Master and two other Trustees. Following this, if it seems right to proceed, we arrange for an extended visit to the Hospital to experience something of our life together. The application, if then confirmed, is placed on file. When a vacancy occurs, all applications are reviewed and the offer of a property is made according to need, the suitability of the accomodation available, and the interests of the Community.

Please note that currently there are no vacancies. However, enquiries from prospective applicants are always welcome.

WATCH video interviews with a few residents of St Nicholas Hospital, Salisbury